Better Photos in 2 Minutes - Photoshop Vignette Tutorial

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This is a photo I clicked during one of my trips. This is a very common photograph and most of you must've clicked at least one such photo before. Infact, when I clicked this photo, there were five others beside me clicking the same scene. Damn! :-(

Hehe! :-) Two of your friends will comment, "nice pic..." when they see a photo like this in your Facebook album.

Now, with two minutes of Photoshopping, you could transform this image from "nice pic..." to "wow! that's an awesome pic!". The two minute magic is called vignetting. Vignetting is a technique used by 100% of all professional photographers. (Yeah! Go ask every photographer in the world if you wanna be really sure. :-P ) To know how to apply a vignette is an indispensible tool in the arsenal of everyone who wants to click impressive photos. :-)

STEP 1: Open the image in Photoshop! Just in case you didn't know. ;-)

STEP 2: Goto Filter->Distort->Lens Correction

STEP 3: In the lens correction window, pull the vignette slider backwards towards 'darken'.

After pressing OK, you'll see that the image is now noticeably better. This is because a vignette (or darkened edges) guides the eyes away from the edges and towards the centre of the image, making the subject look better. Also, vignettes give images a nostalgic feel and an attractive glow. The change is subtle but good enough to make a good pic better. :-)

Now, you can make the image a little more professional by adding a border. To add a border, choose the crop tool and enlarge the crop area to the size of the border. Select a different background color if you want a different colored border but usually black works the best.

This is how the pic will look after adding the boder.

See! It looks very professional. :-) You could probably add your name and a copyright symbol and you'll be all ready to pursue someone to buy this photograph. :-P

Now, you can take this one step further if you want five or more people saying, "Wow! Amazing pic!". :-P BLACK AND WHITE! :-D

Converting images to black and white is very easy in Photoshop. Just press Ctrl+Shift+U and your image will lose all its color.

Wow! Awesome, isn't it? :-P Actually, the final black and white image is quite great. I didn't know I had this good an image hiding in my tour photo archives. :-) Dig your archives too and probably you'll find awesome images like these. Oh, and don't forget to add a vignette. :-D

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